I pulled out an old 8mp Canon Rebel XT that I had converted to infrared-only. They take a filter layer off the sensor internal to the camera. I had not used the camera for ages. I put a variable wavelength filter on the front of the standard 18-55mm zoom lens and set it to a medium infrared setting.

What drew me to the camera today was the state of the skies overhead. How could one not look up? I recalled the old aviation barnstormer’s saying, “Mare’s tails in the blue, weather within two.” The mare’s tails were flying, and sure enough, today a cold front, winds, came across the mountains. The infrared camera brought out the whimsy and portents in the clouds.

Clouds, 2023. Pigment Ink Print on Paper, 15×19-1/2″ & 20×26″. Limited edition of 15, each size.