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Jem Jr.


   Produced: 1940 by J.E. Mergott Company, Newark, New
  Film:  type B2/120 rollfilm
  Negative Size: 6X9cm
   Lens: Single-element meniscus
   Aperture: About f11
  Focal Range:
  Shutter: Simple spring shutter - 1/30 sec
  Viewfinder: Portrait & Landscape finders with mirrors and 
      glass screens

This camera caught my eye because of it's chrome design on its face. I hadn't seen one of these before. It is a simple one...thin metal construction, and one shutter speed and aperture. No adjustments whatsoever. The spring shutter hides behind a plain glass front cover, and the lense is behind the shutter mounted on the front of the film cartridge. The back hinges down to remove the cartridge and load the film. This camera is unusual in that one needs to slide the film into side tracks, that presumable keep it nice and flat to get sharp images edge to edge. And it does the job. I was really surprised when I saw the first 6X9cm slides I made with the camera. This camera proves that less is more...  

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