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simple pleasure 1

Finally something to show. This is one in a series I have as a working tile, Simple Pleasure. The series title might change as I go forward with the other images in the series.

As I begin again working in the studio, I have returned to something I know, that is familiar to me. I had collected some dried specimens as autumn came down on the land last year. They had languished while I looked at them on the tabletop in the studio, not sure where they were taking me. This often happens, and an intial idea may get overruled, with some space and time.

At least I am once again moving, thinking of ideas and series. Even seeing what materials can do for me, seems alien, for I have been away from my work for so long. I approach my life now as mysteriously fresh, unknown, and adventurously strange.

Simple Pleasure 1. Pigment ink on cotton printmaking paper. 20″ x 20″ image size. Edition of 15. Other edition sizes available.

image copyright © Ken Smith 2017 all rights reserved.

Written by Ken Smith

March 30th, 2017 at 6:41 pm

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