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I began flying when I was 15, and my first adventures in writing and photography were in expressing my love for aviation. I wrote many articles illustrated with photographs for aviation magazines, was a regional editor, and had a monthly column.


One of my good friends who I hung out with at his grass airfield in Texas, had a saying. After flying our restored 1940′s classic airplanes in a beautiful formation flight at sunset, landing under the wide Texas sky….Jess would say, “just another day in aviation”. It was a bold understatement, for we knew there was something special about the sky and flying airplanes that went all the way back to the earliest adventures, and we felt fortunate to be sharing that legacy.


This picture is of another friend flying his Fleet biplane on an afternoon over Texas, making a tight turn. I was shooting from the front cockpit, looking back towards the tail. The Canon F-1 was set with a slow shutter speed to show the motion in the turn, and a 20mm wide angle lense was used to broaden the scene. It was shot on slide film and I am partial to the color version, but I go back and forth between color and sepia versions. They each have a unique feeling.

Written by Ken Smith

February 23rd, 2010 at 11:28 am

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